Books & uniforms :

Only books, uinforms, bags, etc as prescribed by the school will be allowed in the class room .

School Library :

1. Silence should be maintained in the library.

2. Books issued are to be properly cared and are to be returned on the due date/within a week.

3. A fine of Rs.10/- per day will be charged after the expiry of the due date if the book is not returned.

4. If the date of return is a holiday, it is preponed to the previous day.

5. One can avail only one book at a time.

6. In case of loss or damage of books, the double the cost of the book will be charged.

7. All sorts of marking in the books are strictly forbidden, Those who violate this will be fined.

8. Everyone should examine the books carefully at the time of issuing the book and report to the librarian in case of any mark or damage.

9. One page of summary of the book read is to be written and given to the librarian / teacher in - charge, at the time of returning the book.

Clinical Care

1. A homoeo doctor is available on every Monday and Friday in the school campus for students from 10 am to 12 noon.

2. Those students who wish to visit the doctor can get the appointment from the counter.

3. There is no consultation fee to visit the doctor.

4. There is no special charge for medicine.